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Tomkins Institute awards $3000 research grant

We are pleased to announce that we have awarded a $3000 research grant to Karen Pei-Sze Tan of Temple University, who is drawing on Tomkin's affect theory to investigate how people experience paid time off. We were impressed with Tan's knowledge of Tomkins, particularly the possibility that erstwhile positive events may be give rise to negative affects as well as positive affects. Tan proposed compelling research questions and solid study design, and we were delighted to select her proposal to receive our grant.

In keeping with the structure of the grant, which is intended to promote the testing and dissemination of Tomkins theories, half of the grant money has been distributed to Dr. Tan, and the remaining half will be sent to her when she submits her research for publication.

We review applications for this research grant each year, depending on the quality of grant submissions, we award this grant yearly. If you are a researcher who is conducting studies on affect or emotion, please consider applying.

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