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Membership in the Tomkins Institute not only supports the important work of funding research, fostering community, and preserving valuable resources, it also provides you with several other benefits.

Community gatherings

We gather two to four times a year in online gatherings that feature guests who are working with affect theory in ways that we think would be interesting to our members.  Not only does it provide interesting information, but it gives us a chance to see each other virtually and feel the camaraderie and support of others who are learning and living with  insight on emotion inspired by Tomkins. Find out more.

Monthly reading group

Each month an online reading group gets together to discuss readings by Silvan Tomkins or other authors who are working with his theory of affects and scripts. Members who sign up for the reading group will be notified by the group leader (Dr. Phil Rose) about upcoming readings and meetings. Find out more.

Member-only resources

While we make many Tomkins-related resources available to any visitor to our site, we provide an archive of articles and videos accessible only to members.  These include articles published in newsletters that reflect powerful insights into the application of affect theory, videos of lectures presented at conferences on specific Tomkins-related topics.

Including unpublished papers

The Tomkins Institute is thrilled to announce an upcoming publication of a collection of Sillvan Tomkins' unpublished and obscure writings.  The first volume will be available to Tomkins Institute members by mid-summer 2024. It will contain never-before-seen lectures which Tomkins delivered on topics including, "Romantic love, mourning, and addiction," and "Script theory and the quality of life."


Edited by Lauren Abramson, Ph.D., this volume includes original material which will be of interest both to those already familiar with Tomkins work, as well as to newcomers to affect and script theory.  


The limited first run will be be available for purchase to Tomkins Institute members at a reduced cost.

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Valid for 12 months

Access to courses, gatherings, and member-only resources

Support the mission of the Tomkins Institute

Develop your knowledge of Tomkins theories

Gain insight for applying affect theory in different ways

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