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1998 – The Philadelphia System

1998 – The Philadelphia System


The Philadelphia System represents the application of Tomkins’s work to clinical practice. It is an approach to clinical practice based on an appreciation of the affects that have been experienced in one’s past, the scripted methods of handling affect that color future experience, the cognitions through which these affective experiences are represented and interpreted, and the scripts that develop in each individual to manage those affect patterns. Nathanson on: his framework for the initial interviews through which we come to understand the core scripts of a new patient; a way of understanding EMDR on the basis of script theory; and the case of a celebrated transvestite whose episodes of cross dressing seem to have operated as part of an addiction script. Hill on new understanding of psychic trauma made possible by script theory. Donald Mosher, recipient of the Second Michael Franz Basch Memorial Award, offers a summary of his life work on sexual scripting. Workshops by Lauren Abramson, David Cook, Susan Leigh Deppe, Robert E. Desmond, Robin Dilley, Vick Kelly, Marsha Schwartz Klein, MarilynLuber, Robert Most, Diane Ruch, Brett Schur, and Warren Wittreich.

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