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Tomkins Talk: A Forum for Members

Members of the Tomkins Institute are invited to participate in a Google listserv group called Tomkins Talk.

While we are committed to being warm and welcoming, it is not uncommon for newcomers to feel disoriented at first. Tomkins Talk is populated by old friends and long time colleagues, many of whom are familiar enough with Tomkins’ concepts that they lapse into shorthand and acronyms. We encourage everyone to feel free to ask questions and get clarifications. Tomkins’ work is so complex that we are all perpetual students, and all can continue learning!

Please note that TT is an unedited conversation that reflects the views (and even occasional theoretical inaccuracies or misunderstandings) of individual members, not the Institute itself. However, many posts contain wonderful wisdom and thoughtful applications of Affect Script Psychology.

With that in mind, we hope you join us as a member and a participant in our conversation. After you become a member, you will be sent a link to the listserv.