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Should you decide to become a member of the Tomkins Institute, you will find yourself in the company of other people who have been deeply moved by Tomkins’ life-altering ideas. We are parents, artists. researchers, businesspeople, clinicians, restorative practitioners, musicians, ministers, students, consultants, educators, or other ordinary folk. All of us are very interested in people. And all of us have stories about how our discovery of Tomkins’ paradigm changed the course of our thinking and our lives.

As a member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • The ability to contribute to the Tomkins.org website
  • The right to participate in Tomkins Talk, a forum that tracks affect in modern culture and our personal lives
  • A subscription to “Silvan Says”, a newsletter with deep readings of specific Tomkins passages
  • Invitations to online meetings and conversations on various topics
  • Invitations to conferences and gatherings