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Tomkins Topics

Tomkins' theories applied to various aspects of life and work

An exciting new book based on correspondence between Don Nathanson and Gary David

This book contains more than a decade of vital, illuminating, and provocative dialogue.

This message comes directly from the author, Gary David:

Dear friends and colleagues:

I am offering a new PDF book (213 pages) based on emails to and from Donald Nathanson, M.D. I collected them from 1999 to 2012. Don was a significant voice in the understanding and furthering of the work of Silvan Tomkins. His book Shame and Pride is a landmark in our understanding of affect in general and the affect of shame in particular.

After Don passed away in 2017, I was left with about 900 email exchanges, personal ones, as well as many exchanges with members of the Tomkins Institute on the Tomkins-Talk forum. I could not let such vital and relevant material drift away. It represents the development of Don’s thinking post-Shame and Pride.

So I collected these emails as a reminder of the fruitfulness of those dialogs. I have arranged them into 24 topics with comments at the beginning of each one. To get the most out of the material, a basic understanding of Tomkins’s affect-script psychology is helpful. I suggest Vick Kelly’s Primer of Affect Psychology available on the Tomkins Institute website: http://www.tomkins.org/what-tomkins-said/what-others-said-about-tomkins/vernon-kelly-a-primer-of- affect-psychology/

You may find the emails to be illuminating, evocative, and provocative, but always imbued with vitality. They contain a depth of knowledge that is rare in the field of affect theory. Don took great pains to comment with care and to communicate with laser clarity, agree or not. I eliminated the use of last names as much as possible except when the questioner/commenter was well-known, or the name was essential to the message.

Here’s how to obtain the PDF:

The price is $26, $5 of which will go to help support the Tomkins Institute. Please pay through PayPal. 

Then send me an email from the address where you want the document sent. Send to:  garyd1027@gmail.com