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2010 – Maximizing Emotional Connections

2010 – Maximizing Emotional Connections


DISC 1 Affect Script Psychology: Foundations part I and II With Jonathan Grindlinger, MD and Brett Schur, Ph.D. DISC 2 The New Science of Learning Panel Discussion DISC 3 Emotion, Memory, and Attachment:Essential Neurobiology for Promoting Human Connection With Josh Gibson, MD DISC 4 Enhancing Potential, Preventing Problems and Treating Troubled Children With Paul Holinger, MD Movement and Affect: Tracking and Integrating the Movement and Affect of the Body With Gary David DISC 5 Care of Self – Care of Others With Robin Dilley DISC 6 Physical Punishment: The Major Unaddressed Public Health Problem of Our Generation With Paul Holinger, MD DISC 7 Reflections on over 30 years teaching Affect Script Psychology around the world With Donald Nathanson, MD Enhancing Emotional Connections at Home, at Work, at School, and in Society Panel Discussion DISC 8 Why Shame is the Most Popular Negative Affect With Donald Nathanson, MD Moving Forward Panel Discussion

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