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What members of the Institute are reading, writing and appreciating about Tomkins' ideas at play in the world.

Tomkins and Izard: Theories Compared

By Duncan Lucas, PhD. and Maria McManus Carroll Izard is a widely cited theorist and researcher on emotion, possibly more well-known today than his mentor, Silvan Tomkins. People familiar with Izard’s theories might be interested in understanding the similarities with... Read More

Videos of Babies and Affects

Youtube videos are precious for more than just kittens and cuteness. These videos, fun and funny as they are to watch, are excellent examples of affects in action. Of particular note is the video on shame, an affect that is... Read More

The Neuroscience of Restorative Justice

by Vick Kelly (Excerpted and edited from the Tomkins Talk Forum) The following link provides information about an exciting potential interface between ASP, Neuroscience, and Restorative Justice: https://www.ted.com/talks/daniel_reisel_the_neuroscience_of_restorative_justice I find it very interesting that neuroimaging has shown poorly developed amygdalas in so-called psychopaths. There... Read More

The Skin is Where It's At - Inverse Archaeology