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11. Ideological Scripts


  • Be able to describe ideological scripts.
  • How does socialization foster the development of different scripts?


EA, “Script Theory, Ideological Scripts,” pp. 353-357.

EA, “The Socialization of Affects,” pp. 168-195.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are ideological scripts and why are they so important?
  2. How does the development of social stratification foster a humanistic/normative polarity?
  3. How is stratification based on partitioning affects into “masculine” and “feminine” types?
  4. Do you observe this stratification in our current culture?
  5. Describe two basic alternatives for socializing children.
  6. What are three ways of mixing these approaches?
  7. Describe how each affect is socialized in ways that predispose persons to liberal or conservative ideologies.
  8. Based on your own experience (as a child, a parent, or an observer), discuss how parents’ ideology is reflected in their parenting.