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Tomkins Topics

Tomkins' theories applied to various aspects of life and work

Online Basic Study Group to return in 2022!

The Tomkins Institute will again conduct an Online Basic Study Group commencing in February 2022 so you can join with others to develop your understanding of Affect/Script theory.

The Study Group is open to members of the Institute or those who would like to join and learn about the Silvan Tomkins remarkable contribution to the study of emotion, cognition and personality. The syllabus presents Tomkins theory with his own writings alongside commentary by people who have applied the theory in therapeutic and other settings.

Whether your work is in therapy, community work, teaching, policing, or managing, Tomkins provides a framework to understand what’s going on for others, importantly what’s going on for you, and how you can create a context that enables others to make sense and meaning of the sometimes confusing world of interpersonal relationships.

For more information, to express interest or enrol please contact Matt Casey