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The Art of Awareness


The Art of Awareness


Originally published in 1966, this book is still used as a textbook in many colleges, and continues to be a handbook on self-innovation and new methods of evaluation in an age undergoing worldwide mutation. It is the first textbook in a new field called epistemics. Noteworthy to those interested in the work of Tomkins and his influence on others, this text by Bois was one of the first to recognize Tomkins and take it seriously. Gary David took over the copyright for this seminal text in 1996 and has ensured its availability. The Tomkins Institute is proud to offer it through our online store.

The book is divided into three sections: the first, Evaluating concerns the methods we use to face life’s challenges. It addresses the individual as a participant in a cultural environment that has undergone a number of cultural revolutions, a comprehensive view of epistemology as part of everyday life, a new description of a human being as a semantic transactor, and thought as a process of abstracting.

The second section Innovating, includes time-binding, the structured unconscious, the mental models we use, the structure of languages and how they shape our experience, love as a cosmic energy, and various practices that encourage fresh awareness as a basis for innovating or renewal. The third section, Participating, covers unifying or ‘peak’ experiences and how they differ from participating as a way of life. Participating emerges from an orientation that sees through the myth of objectivity, and a direct perception of how we are implicated in the whole of ‘all that is’. The book includes an extensive bibliography of many of the great books of our time that address these issues, most of them sadly out of print.

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