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2002 – Uncomfortably Stuck: Therapeutic Impasse & Affect

2002 – Uncomfortably Stuck: Therapeutic Impasse & Affect


Psychotherapy is easy to  learn and even easier to teach, but it takes a lifetime to perfect. During an impasse we feel most aware of our imperfect ability to facilitate the changes our clients seek. This meeting addressed the” us and them” of those moments when the work seems undoable. Jon Grindlinger said therapy often fails because the process itself does not encourage enough affect to cultivate the development of new scripts, and presented ways to destabilize such situations. Richard P. Kluft, recipient of the 5th Michael Franz Basch Memorial Award, described the steps between recognition of a hopeless predicament and the beginning of beneficial change. In their panel discussion, Drs. Desmond, Schur, Taylor, and Wofsey offered a new language to facilitate communication between psychotherapist and prescriber. Jeanette Wright explained that those who cannot phrase their inner world in words find it comforting to show it through clay or drawing. Drs. Kelly and Novak gave detailed maps for the repair of emotional connection through intervention strategies based on the psychology of affect and script.

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