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2000 – Optimizing Connections: Intimacy, Schools & Community

2000 – Optimizing Connections: Intimacy, Schools & Community


This colloquium on connection dealt with the formation and maintenance of relationships. Nathanson discussed a nuclear script that afflicts all men and therefore bedevils all women. Terry O’Connell, recent recipient of the Order of Australia Medal, presented the 4th Michael Franz Basch Memorial Award Lecture on “The Bad Scene as a Doorway to Change,” showing how even major crime can lead to societal improvement. Norman Brown discussed the process of dating from the affects involved in initial attraction to the scripts formed for the maintenance of love. Wes Novak unrolled “Clinical Maps for the Couples Therapist,” and Vick Kelly discussed “Emotional Connection in Couples: Impediment Removal Therapy.” Psychotherapist/jazz musician Gary David offered “Together We Are Sound,” a stunning earful of recorded examples of how individuals join when they chant or sing together. Ted Wachtel and Lauren Abramson joined plenary speakers O’Connell and Nathanson for a symposium that applied these principles to heal groups larger than those usually seen by psychotherapists.

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