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Applied ASP


Affect Script Psychology is finding application in almost every area of human endeavor.  Below you will find links to orgnizations allied to the Tomkins Institute in their utilization and extension of affect script psychology into understanding affect everywhere to promote living from the inside, out.

Allied Organizations: -- Lauren Abramson is a Tomkins Institute member who founded the Community Conferencing Center (CCC) as a conflict transformation and community justice organization that provides ways for people to safely, collectively and effectively prevent and resolve conflicts and crime. The work of the Community Conferencing Center has been recognized nationally and internationally for its use of conflict management strategies in a variety of settings, including criminal justice, education, community development and business. Community Conferencing efforts in Baltimore are unique—being the only broad-based conferencing program in a large American inner-city, with most services provided at no cost to participants. -- Founded by Tomkins Institute members Peta Blood and Marg Thorsborne, Restorative Practices International (RPI) is a professional member association to support the development of restorative justice in schools, prisons, organisations, families and communities. Developed by practitioners for practitioners, RPI is about connecting practitioners from around the globe and creating opportunities to share and learn from one another. -- The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) or RealJustice is an international movement leading to a new appreciation of the importance of both the victim and his or her community in any crime.  -- Gary David is a Tomkins Institute member who, along with his good friend Brian Rothery, has collaborated to develop this superb website featuring the work of philosophers whose schema takes into account the full range of human thought and feeling.  -- Marg Thorsborne is an active member of the Tomkins Institute whose international work using Restorative Justice techniques in schools and businesses is becoming increasingly well known for its remarkable effectiveness.

Additional Useful Links: -- Behavior OnLine This is where the Tomkins Institute first became available to the Internet community. Founded in 1995 by Gilbert Levin, PhD, who also initiated and manages the immensely popular Cape Cod Institute series of summer programs in psychology/psychotherapy, Behavior OnLine houses a wide range of Forums where teaching professionals and the lay public can discuss matters of mutual interest.  -- On this website you’ll find an astonishing range of audiovisual material used by teachers all over the world.

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